When A Natural Pool Forms On A Beach In Hawaii, Ridiculously Fun Things Happen (VIDEO)

If you needed any extra motivation to finally book a flight to Hawaii for your summer vacation, this is probably it.

After weeks of big surf and rain, a small puddle turned into a massive natural pool at Ehukai Beach Park on Oahu's North Shore. Naturally, Hawaii locals did what they do best and turned it into a playground. Lucky for us, local videographer Eric Sterman had his camera-equipped drone handy to film the day's antics.

With an insane version of a Slip'N Slide (basically, a skateboard ramp covered with plastic), a rope and an inflatable tube, along with an apparent mission to make the rest of the country as jealous as possible, everyone got to towin' under a magical Hawaiian sunset. Meanwhile the rest of the world is experiencing ridiculous amounts of FOMO.

#TFTI, Hawaii:

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