Eric Trump Accidentally Shreds His Dad With ‘Freudian Slip’ On Fox News

The Trump scion's latest whine to Sean Hannity went embarrassingly awry.

Eric Trump inadvertently called out his father Donald Trump during an interview with Fox NewsSean Hannity on Wednesday.

The Trump scion argued the media is “absolutely petrified” of his four-times-indicted dad — whom he described as the “greatest guy in the world” — and falsely whined it had “been censoring my father since the minute he went down the escalator” to announce his first run for president in 2015.

“Anything they put out, he would censor,” Eric Trump added, a verbal gaffe that critics on X (formerly Twitter) mocked as a “Freudian slip.”

Donald Trump’s son aired his grievances after Hannity reminded him that Fox News had broadcast his father’s untruth-filled New Hampshire GOP primary victory speech in full, unlike CNN and MSNBC, which cut away for fact-checks.

The charges rang hollow for critics.

Donald Trump is believed to have received billions of dollars worth of free media coverage in the nine years since he declared his serious political intentions.

Donald Trump as president also reportedly attempted to censor late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel over his mocking jokes. And last year, the now-Republican front-runner signaled he’d seek revenge on MSNBC over its coverage of him, should he win back the White House.

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