Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Freak Out Over Michael Cohen Hearing: 'National Disgrace'

Donald Trump's eldest sons called the congressional hearing a "clownshow" and accused Democrats of being "sick."

President Donald Trump’s sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. lashed out Wednesday about the imminent congressional hearing of their father’s former fixer and attorney, Michael Cohen.

Eric Trump tweeted that it was “a national disgrace that on the eve of historic peace talks” between his father and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam, “the Democrats in the House orchestrate this clownshow.”

He also claimed his father’s accomplishments “are nothing short of incredible especially in the face of such hate & adversity.”

Donald Trump Jr., meanwhile, shared video to Instagram in which Cohen repeatedly praised his former boss. “It was only after Cohen was caught for tax evasion and other personal financial misdeeds, he began lying about President Trump in an effort to save face,” he captioned the clip, below:

Trump Jr. also tweeted a link to the right-wing website The Gateway Pundit, which documented his Tuesday night appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. He claimed in the interview that Democrats were trying “to counter-program” his father’s attempts to denuclearize North Korea with Cohen’s testimony.

Check out the interview here:

“It’s crazy but they show you that they really hate Trump much more than they like America,” Trump Jr. told Carlson. “Because I get nothing from counter-programming those kind of peace talks with this nonsense that’s been proven with a convicted felon other than they just want Trump to fail even if it means America fails. And that’s a really sad state of affairs, Tucker.”

Trump Jr. captioned the tweet: “Imagine hating someone so much that you try to distract nuclear peace talks. That’s how sick the Dems are!”

Cohen reportedly plans to call his former boss a “racist” and a “cheat” during his testimony, per remarks obtained by The New York Times.