Eric Trump’s New Attack On Joe Biden Ignores 1 Key Fact About His Father

The ex-president's son seems to forget what his father did in times of crisis.

Eric Trump launched a new attack on President Joe Biden on Monday night, this time going after him for having the nerve to ride a bike.

Biden, an avid cyclist, went for a ride over the weekend in Delaware ― but the son of ex-president Donald Trump had a problem with the bike’s “big ridiculous reflector on the front of it” and for even biking at all at a time when Ukraine is under attack from Russia.

“My father would be giving speeches in front of F-35s, talking about how he’s building the greatest military the world has ever seen,” Trump said. “Believe me, that was sending a true message of strength.”

Then he went after Biden for not only riding a bike but also doing so “in the middle of the day.”

“This is the commander in chief of the United States of America,” he said. “What message does that send the world that is literally in the middle of, just, some horribleness?”

Eric Trump’s attack was widely panned for omitting one key detail about his dad: When times got tough, he went golfing.

The former president declared a national emergency over border wall funding in 2019, then immediately left on a golf trip. He also golfed throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump, who claimed he wouldn’t have time to golf as president and would only work, instead played 308 times in his four years in office, according to Golf News Net.

Many of those outings were at his own resorts, which reaped millions in taxpayer money to pay for the trips.

Eric Trump’s critics on Twitter were quick to remind him:

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