Eric Trump's Boast About $464 Million Bond Is Not What He Thinks It Is

“No one’s ever seen a bond this big," he complained to Fox News' Maria Bartiromo.

Joke’s on you.

Eric Trump’s complaints about the Trump Organization’s nearly half-billion bond deadline backfired during a stop by Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” this weekend.

As Donald Trump’s second son tried to argue against the $350 million, plus interest judgement handed down by Judge Arthur Engoron last month, he told host Maria Bartiromo, “No one’s ever seen a bond this big.”

“Every single person when I came to them saying, ‘Can I get a half billion dollar bond?’ Maria, they were laughing. They were laughing,” said Eric, who is executive vice president at the Trump Organization.

Online, people seemed to wonder if people were laughing with the Trumps, or at them.

Judge Engoron calculated the nine-figure penalty by adding the amount of money the Trump Organization gained through fraudulent financial statements with years of interest, landing at a total of $464 million.

Though the Trump Organization filed an immediate appeal to Judge Engoron’s Feb. 16 conviction, the company is required to pay the penalties in full by Monday, lest the company’s assets be seized by the state of New York.

The Trumps have yet to sway a lender to back their bid for a retrial.

Last week in legal filings, representatives for the organization said obtaining the $464 million bond by the deadline is “a practical impossibility.”

The brief claimed the Trump Organization had contacted 30 bond companies and few would even “consider a bond of anything approaching” that level of liability.

After his appearance on Fox on Sunday, Eric Trump continued to make his case for the company on X, formerly Twitter.

There, he told followers the mere “notion of seizing properties owned by the Former President of the United States” would shatter trust “in the entire legal system in the United States.”

Of course, plenty of people had their own responses.

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