Eric Trump Claims His Dad 'Literally Saved Christianity'

Just like he's saving Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Eric Trump has added a new fake achievement to his dad’s collection.

He claimed during a radio interview in North Dakota last week that his father, President Donald Trump, “literally saved Christianity.”

“He literally saved Christianity. There’s a full-out war on faith in this country by the other side,” Eric Trump claimed on WZFG-AM on Friday. “I mean, the Democratic Party, the far left, has become the party of the quote-unquote atheist. They want to attack Christianity, they want to close churches, they want to ― they’re totally fine keeping liquor stores open ― but they want to close churches all over the country.”

Some Democrats pushed for churches ― along with schools, businesses and other nonessential spaces ― to be shuttered or opened at limited capacity while the deadly COVID-19 pandemic spread across the country.

The president, whose white evangelical Christian supporters have remained among his most loyal during his time in office, made an empty demand that places of worship be reopened in May. However, he had no power to do so, and the decision ultimately fell to governors and local officials.

Beyond the churches claim, Eric Trump cited no other examples of what exactly Christianity was being attacked by or what Trump did to save it. He claimed Democrats are out to get the religion, even though the vast majority of Democratic lawmakers identify themselves as Christians.

The claim can be tallied up beside the Trump family’s other baseless self-proclaimed achievements, which include saving Christmas and Thanksgiving from the nonexistent “wars” they claim are being waged against the holidays.

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