Eric Trump’s Conspiratorial ‘People Know’ Tweet Elicits A Single-Word Reply

Donald Trump's son had his post flipped back on him.

Twitter users took Eric Trump to task Thursday over his latest conspiratorial tweet — and they hit back at President Donald Trump’s son with a single word.

Eric Trump wrote “people know exactly what is going on in this country” in reply to conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich’s note that Democratic nominee Joe Biden had won more votes than former President Barack Obama in 2008.

It was Eric Trump’s latest effort to stave off defeat for his father, having been busted for sharing a fake video of someone burning ballots the day before.

The president has falsely declared that he’s already won the election, promoted voter fraud conspiracy theories and repeatedly attacked the democratic process.

Twitter users pointed out that, yes, most people did know what was going on in the country. And that was “democracy.”

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