Eric Trump Mocked For Claiming Boat Parades Are Proof The Polls Are Wrong

One Twitter user wondered, "I didn't know flags, expensive boats and big plastic Trump effigies could vote."

Current political polls suggest Donald Trump’s support is foundering, but Eric Trump remains unconvinced of their accuracy.

How come? Two words: Boat parades.


The president’s second-born son took to Twitter Thursday to gaslight American voters make the case that the opinions of a small group of well-to-do nautical types is a more accurate representation of what voters think than, you know, scientific polls and stuff.

Again for emphasis: While many boat owners support Trump’s reelection, they make up a small subset of mostly white, well-to-do Americans, and their opinions therefore may not match those of the rest of the country.

It’s a point many Twitter users tried to make to the younger Trump.

Eric Trump also invoked his “the polls are wrong” meme on Tuesday when he shared two photographs: one depicting hundreds of people crowding a Trump campaign rally and the other of Joe Biden speaking to a socially distanced drive-in rally in Ohio Monday.

It didn’t go so well after Twitter users pointed out that the maskless folks at the Trump rally might come down with the coronavirus, compared to the more socially distanced voters supporting Biden.


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