Eric Trump’s Latest Attempt To Question The Election Goes Awry

Donald Trump’s son tweeted a graphic without comment. Critics had plenty to say.

Eric Trump on Tuesday appeared to continue to deny the 2020 election defeat of his father, sharing this image on Twitter:

Social media users interpreted the graphic as suggesting outgoing President Donald Trump would somehow end up victorious against President-elect Joe Biden.

The president has so far refused to concede the election and has made baseless allegations of mass voter fraud. He’s stalled the transition process, accused Democrats of rigging the vote and, hours after the polls closed with millions of ballots uncounted, even made a false declaration of victory.

Eric Trump and his brother, Donald Trump Jr., meanwhile, have assisted their father in spreading conspiracy theories and disinformation about the election in a desperate effort to question Biden’s victory.

Last week, Eric Trump was busted for tweeting a fake video that purported to show ballots for his father being burned. He has also conspiratorially tweeted that “people know exactly what is going on in this country.” Earlier Tuesday, Eric Trump was widely mocked on Twitter for urging people to vote — one week late.

Eric Trump shared the graphic without comment.

But critics on Twitter had plenty to say:

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