Eric Trump Can't Accept That Rally Attendance And Votes Are Different

The president's son once again falsely declared the election was rigged.

Eric Trump is having a hard time understanding that his dad lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden. He also is having difficulty recognizing that attendance at President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies doesn’t equate to votes in the election.

The president’s second-oldest son on Monday falsely declared the election “was rigged from the beginning” because Biden didn’t hold rallies during the coronavirus pandemic like the president did.

Eric Trump has tried to make a similar case before, like when he argued boat parades of Trump supporters were a better sign of voter preference than, you know, scientific polls and stuff like that.

Granted, the polls underestimated the president’s support, like they did in the 2016 election. But attendance at Trump’s campaign rallies and boat parades overestimate his appeal.

Many Twitter users attempted to help the presidential son understand how it works.

Others reminded him that Biden didn’t hold rallies like his dad did because, duh, it’s the pandemic.

Still others on Twitter used examples to point out the frailty of Trump’s argument.

Some subtly suggested that the president’s son may not be an intellectual giant.

One person didn’t understand why the Trumps just can’t handle the truth.

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