Eric Trump Miffed Media Reported About Undocumented Workers At Trump Clubs

Many Twitter users suspected the president's son was trying to divert attention from the story.

Hey, members of the media: Eric Trump doesn’t appreciate you reporting that the Trump Organization recently fired a dozen employees who are in the U.S. illegally even though managers had known about their legal status for years.

The president’s second-born son took to Twitter on Monday to lash out at the media for daring to report a newsworthy story.

Apparently, he thought other stories were more worthy of coverage:

The Washington Post, which broke the original story on Saturday, noted that Trump did not mention what fixes to immigration he’d like to see during Monday’s Twitter tirade.

NBC News correspondent Kate Snow, who interviewed some of the fired Trump employees, reached out to Trump on Monday.

Trump responded that he wanted “our incompetent ‘lawmakers’ to fix this broken (and very sad) system,” but, again, didn’t offer any specifics.

Although it’s possible Trump may have simply wanted to highlight other global tragedies besides those focusing on his family, many Twitter users he was trying to distract attention away from the story.



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