Erica Winchester, Massachusetts Woman, Spews Racial Slurs At Mailman (VIDEO)

SHOCKING VIDEO: Woman Spews Awful Racial Slurs At Mailman

Wait a minute Mr. Postman, why is that woman yelling racial epithets at you?

That might have been what one postal worker was thinking when this video was shot last year in Hingham, Massachusetts.

The footage documents an incident in which a woman approaches a mailman's vehicle and assaults him repeatedly with racial slurs, insults and apparently a physical blow of some sort, all because he said he could not accept a certified letter that she had signed for, but no longer wanted.

Though the woman follows up her "f**king ni**er thief" attack with a claim that she's "not prejudiced," her rhetoric and tone in the videos speak for themselves.

In the days after the video went viral on forums such as 4Chan and Reddit, the sleuthing power of the collective interwebs has turned up the culprit's supposed identity: one Erica Winchester. The 60-year-old woman "once threatened a cop that she would 'chop off' his genitals after he arrested her for trespassing at a community theater rehearsal where she warned cast members they would 'get it with a machine gun,'" according to the Smoking Gun.

Ironically enough, Winchester owns a company that helps customers improve their public speaking by teaching things such as "accent reduction."

The postal worker was apparently fired following the incident, although the reason for his firing is unclear.

WATCH Part 1 of 2:

Watch Part 2 of 2:

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