Erick Erickson: Occupy DC Protester Getting Tasered Is 'Hilarious,' 'Makes My Day' (AUDIO)

CNN Pundit's Controversial Response To Occupy Crackdown

CNN contributor Erick Erickson responded enthusiastically after viewing video footage of an Occupy DC protester being tasered by police.

"Here is a story to make you laugh for the day...An Occupy DC protester was shot by stun gun yesterday afternoon," Erickson said on his radio show on Tuesday. "Watching a hippie protester get tased just makes my day."

Erickson encouraged his listeners to visit his website so they may view video footage of the Occupier getting tasered by police. "It's just made of awesome," Erickson said of the video. He also described the video as "hilarious."

A CNN spokesperson responded to Erickson's comments. Speaking to Politico, CNN's Edie Emery said, "CNN contributors' views are their own."


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