Erick Muñoz Turned To God When Hospital Refused To Remove Brain-Dead Wife From Life Support

On November 26, Erick Muñoz found his 14-weeks pregnant wife, Marlise, unconscious, the possible result of a blood clot. When the hospital declared he brain dead but refused to remove her from life support due to her pregnancy, both Muñoz and his wife's parents became embroiled in a legal battle over the right to remove a loved one from life support if that person had previously expressed that preference in such a scenario.

For Muñoz, this was more than a legal debate but a spiritual struggle as well. In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, Muñoz described holding on to the hope that a miracle might occur, even when he knew his wife was gone.

"Many a night, I asked God to take me instead," he said through tears.

Marlise's mother expressed certainty that her daughter and granddaughter will find one another in heaven. And for now, the family left on earth can begin to grieve.