Erick Sermon, EPMD Rapper: Being Gay And In Hip-Hop Is 'Like A Curse' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Rapper Erick Sermon Says Being Gay In Hip-Hop Is 'Like A Curse'

Rap and hip-hop music are often characterized as being heavily chauvinistic -- and according to at least one star, that's not looking likely to change anytime soon.

In a new interview with VladTV, EPMD member Erick Sermon sounded off on the topic of homophobia in hip-hop. Though the true sexuality of many rap and hip-hop artists has long been questioned, Sermon says he feels an openly gay mainstream rapper may never exist.

"When you talk about sports players, too, like we don't know if that's ever gonna happen, 'cause that's like a curse to be in the sports and be gay and be in hip-hop and be gay," Sermon stated. "You can't be on a basketball team, football team and be homo, and be rapping...and be homo. N----s will kill you."

The star, who has been the subject of gay rumors himself, went on to note he doesn't think he's ever worked with a gay artist, and noted that he "can't even let my kid" watch TV shows on channels like MTV due to the exposure to "girl-on-girl" or "boy-on-boy" experiences.

Meanwhile, hotshot rapper Azealia Banks recently admitted to being bisexual, and while not entirely mainstream, openly gay rapper Cazwell is known for his collaborations with transgender performer Amanda Lepore and has also appeared on "RuPaul's Drag Race."

Take a look at some of our favorite gender-bending musicians below:

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