Erick Sheptock, 'Homeless Homeless Advocate', Uses Social Media To Effect Change

'Homeless Homeless Advocate', Uses Social Media To Effect Change On The Streets

Though Erick Sheptock has no home and no job, he has enough friends on Facebook and Twitter to effect some serious change in his hometown of Washington, DC.

Sheptock, who hasn't earned a full-time paycheck since 1994 and describes himself as a "homeless homeless advocate," has capitalized on social media networks to advocate for homelessness in DC, a social issue that he's all too familiar with.

With 5,000 Facebook friends, more than 1,400 Twitter followers and two active blogs, Sheptock has no problem spreading the word about an issue that permeates the capital.

According to CNN:

He says he got a leak fixed at one homeless shelter and stopped the harassment of homeless people at another...Sheptock says he's now trying to use his popularity to start a movement that reduces homelessness and improves shelter conditions.


Though his mission is undeniably well-intended, Sheptock has proved controversial to some critics.

According the Washington Post:

Sheptock, 41, wouldn't take a 9-to-5 job that compromised his advocacy efforts or the long hours he spends tending to his digital empire, he says. He wouldn't move out of the downtown DC shelter where he has slept for the past two years if it would make him a less effective voice for change.

Read more about Sheptock at the Post, or follow him on Twitter to find opportunities to play your part in ending homelessness.

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