Ericka Sance, Sister Rogers Bandmember, And Her Guatemalan Style (VIDEO)

Having grown up on a Guatemalan coffee farm, Ericka Sance has a perspective that is uniquely her own. From the way she lives her life to her fashion choices, her Central American roots are deeply embedded in who she has become. The Sister Rogers vocalist recently invited Stylelist Blogger Network members Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum of StyleLikeU into her home to get a better look at her flirty dresses and Frida Kahlo-inspired braids.

Sance's closet is a testament to taking risks and the rewards they can reap. She wears what she likes and what makes her happy -- think soft blue dresses and Japanese silk. Her favorite pieces include a hand-embroidered top that took three months to make and an impressive selection of cute hats.

Although it is her curly mane that may stop you in your tracks, her life motto was imparted to her by her grandfather, who said "no matter what happens you have to do things with a humble heart and nurture earth."

Watch the video above to find out why people refer to her tunes as elevator music.