Erik Dilan NYC Election Board Appointment Eyed By Bloomberg To Defeat Stop-And-Frisk Bill

The potential appointment of City Council Member Erik Dilan to head the New York City Board of Elections could help Mayor Michael Bloomberg effectively kill a piece of legislation aiming at reining in the NYPD's use of stop and frisk.

Dilan-- whose vote is needed to override Bloomberg's veto of the bill, which would make it easier for New Yorkers to sue the NYPD if they've been racially profiled-- is a favorite to take the $170,000-a-year job, The New York Daily News reports. If he were to switch jobs before City Council brought the veto override to a vote, the bill would most likely die.

A source also tells the paper the mayor is supporting Dilan's appointment.

Although Dilan has yet to formally apply for the position, he is said to be mulling it over, as he will not be able to run again for City Council due to term limits.

Bloomberg is a vocal opponent of two stop-and frisk bills, passed last month by the City Council, and has vowed to use his own fortune to prevent the reelection of those members who vote to override his veto.

The other stop-and-frisk bill, which sets up the office of the NYPD inspector general, passed with a stronger, more veto-proof majority than the racial profiling bill.

Bloomberg has reportedly already targeted Queens City Councilman Mark Weprin after he voted in support of the two measures.



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