Erik Kessels Found Photography Book Chronicles Adventures Of Wedding Photographer Larbi Laaraichi (PHOTOS)

From the intrepid photo scavenger who brought you a theme park of Flickr photos comes a found photography book chronicling the adventures (and fashion misadventures) of Larbi Laaraichi, a photogenic wedding photographer based in Fez.

erik kessels

The book is artist Erik Kessels's 12th bound series of found images, which tells an unlikely not-quite story of a stranger, at once bizarre and banal. Sifting through flea markets, found photo albums and the Internet, Kessels stumbles upon stories that often go unnoticed.

Our personal favorite chronicles devoted husband Fred Clarke, who has a habit of photographing his wife Valerie, fully clothed and submerged in water. But we may have to push Mr. Clarke aside for Moroccan wedding photographer Laaraichi, a mustachioed fashion plate constantly chronicling new couples' "I do's."

While Laaraichi's profession requires him to work behind the camera, he has one photo of himself on the job from each event, most taking place in ornate Moroccan spaces. This mini-tour through Laaraichi's world depicts the image of an image-maker in nostalgia-inducing, washed out hues. The feeling of chance drawing Kessels to these photographs encircles the delightful collection with an air of mystery, revealing the thin line between being immortalized and being forgotten.

All Kessels' books are available at KK Outlet.

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Erik Kessels

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated this was Kessels' fifth photography book of found images. We regret the error.