Erik Naumann, Everett High School Principal, Under Fire For Showing Students Violent 'Terminator' Video

The new principal at a Massachusetts high school is under fire for showing a video of violent nature to students last week.

The video is a short take on "Terminator 2" and was meant as a way for new Everett High School principal Erik Naumann to introduce himself. It was shown to 2,000 students during morning announcements last week and depicts Neumann as "the Naumannator."

Parts of the video show a terrified woman running away from him in the school's hallway and sends menacing messages like, "was he sent to save us, or destroy us?" and "Everett Public Schools would never be the same." It concludes with a voice saying in a fiery frame, "we are all doomed."

School officials are meeting with Naumann Monday to discuss the incident and decide whether further action should be taken. Both Naumann and the teacher who appeared in the video were not at the school Monday, My Fox Boston reports.

While one student tells WCVB he doesn't think the video was "a big deal" and "people are being a little too sensitive," critics of the move say the video is disturbing to watch in light of the Sandy Hook massacre. The piece depicts scenes of empty classrooms with missing children, flames and a burning swing set.

"The violent portrayal is what's upsetting parents," Everett Schools Superintendent Fred Foresteire told WHDH. "It's inappropriate for a school setting especially given the atmosphere across the country as a result of the situations we've been having in schools."

Schools across the country are still on high alert as parents nervously sent their children back to class after the attack. Districts nationwide have tightened security measures and increased campus patrols, and hypersensitivity to any unusual activity or perceived threats have already resulted in numerous lockdowns.

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