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Man Floats In Sky Tied To 90 Balloons, Channels Iconic 'Up' Scene

It turns out that floating into the sky with the help of balloons isn't just something that happens in the movies.

Erik Roner, a professional skier and avid BASE jumper, pulled off exactly that last month. After getting friends and family to help tie 90 helium-filled balloons to an old lawn chair, Roner hopped on and lifted off the ground, as seen in the above video, documenting the experience. The adrenaline junkie ended up floating to an altitude of around 8,000 feet.

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It was a stunt that Roner says fulfilled a "childhood dream," according to "Good Morning America."

The adventurer said that his time in the airspace was quite serene, remarking, "It really doesn't get much more peaceful than this."

When it came time to come back down, Roner free-fell, then parachuted to the ground.

"That was epic!" the high-flier said after the experience, according to 'GMA.' "It's kind of like the dream of flying or 'can that actually happen?' So for the reality of pulling it off was pretty surreal for me."



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