Erik Roner, Professional BASE Jumper, Skydives With Patio Umbrella (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Pulls A Mary Poppins, Skydives With Umbrella


A video has surfaced online of one man jumping from a hot air balloon, hoping to float down in a nanny-like, graceful manner -- using a patio umbrella.

Erik Roner, professional skier and BASE jumper, recorded his Southern California leap on his "Roner Vision" YouTube series.

The insane jump popped up on Thursday on Retina, a Smithsonian Magazine blog. In it, Roner enthusiastically soars through clear skies until the umbrella's cloth gives way.

Don't fret -- he had a parachute ready, just in case.

Roner's videos reveal him to be a true character, feeding off this Mary Poppins-like danger. His Facebook page chronicles his daredevil escapades, up to his most recent "Roner Vision" episode, where he compiles a series of crazy ski-dives off Lake Tahoe, California's Squaw Valley.

BASE jumping -- parachuting from a fixed object -- should not be treated lightly. In a New York Times article discussing popular BASE jumping locations, divers are given guidelines, including logging 200 sky dives and using BASE gear as opposed to regular sky-diving gear.

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