Erika Lauren Wasilewski: Columbia College Grad Stirring Up Drama On Real World D.C.

Reality show lovers may have a new drama queen bee this season as Erika Lauren Wasilewski--an Illinois native and Columbia College grad--joins MTV's "Real World" in Washington D.C. for its 23rd season.

Before the season began, (the fifth episode airs next Wednesday) D.C. blog was exploding with dirt about the new housemate. Wasilewski, 22, tried to clear her name in an interview with Time Out Chicago this week.

One of the Shabooty claims? That Wasilewski faked cancer to get attention and sympathy from an ex-boyfriend. Yes, friends, that little gem was TRUE:

"Um, there is some truth to what you're hearing," Wasilewski told Time Out. "Yes, it happened. Yes, I regret it. If I could take it back, I would. I was going through some severe emotional problems at the time. I was lashing out and craving attention wherever I could. It was really destructive."

Though she told the magazine she sought help after the fake cancer stunt, her attention starvation must not be completely cured, considering the whole reality show thing.

Wasilewski also told the magazine about her stay at the University Center, a high-rise haven for South Loop college kids. Clearly a martyr, she discussed her "out of control" roommates who did things good college students never do: drink alcohol and smoke pot.

"The truth is I ended up with the roommates who wanted to party," Wasilewski said. "There were some nights when they had six or seven people over to our dorm room. One night, they ended up breaking one of my glasses and put it under a beanbag chair. They were out of control. One of them got so intoxicated one night that I had to carry her home. They were also using drugs in the room."

Read the whole interview with Wasilewski here.