Erin Andrews Accused Of Rolling Her Eyes During 'Dancing With The Stars' Proposal

Erin Andrews Accused Of Rolling Her Eyes During 'Dancing With The Stars' Proposal

Don't confuse Erin Andrews' crying with an eye roll.

On Monday night, Army veteran and "Dancing with the Stars" semifinalist Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend Jamie Boyd live after he performed to David Cook's "Time of My Life." Erin Andrews was standing nearby when it all went down.

Us Weekly noted that Twitter users were criticizing the co-host for "looking more than annoyed" during the surprise romantic moment. TMZ claimed she was rolling her eyes.

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Andrews, however, insists she was just trying to hold back her tears.

The moment might have been a shock for Andrews, but Galloway had been planning to propose to his girlfriend since she surprised him on stage in March, coming back from Montana where she was training to be an Army Reserve specialist.

"Jamie has been so supportive throughout my entire journey. I have been wanting to propose for a while, and when she surprised me in the Skybox, it was such a shock, if I had the ring with me I would have done it right then and there," he told People magazine. "That was a moment when I knew I wanted to propose to her on the show. I always thought if I made it to the finale I would propose, but I realized the competition is so stiff I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by in case this is the end of the road for me on the show."

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