Erin Burnett's Boat Coverage On CNBC -- Ahoy! (VIDEO)

Erin Burnett's Boat Coverage On CNBC -- Ahoy! (VIDEO)

Pirates! So hot right now! Or, like, so hot a week ago, anyway. But last week, MSNBC didn't have Erin Burnett ON A BOAT. AND NOW THEY DO. So, here's a video of Erin Burnett, straight ridin' around on a boat. How you like us now, Poseidon?

Actually, Morning Joe caught up with Burnett after she had reached port in Cairo, but there's plenty of footage of Burnett's secret mission to dodge 10-foot waves and torrents of vomit in a trawler in order to get aboard an oil tanker. There, she penetrated the Mysteries of Piracy and the amazing technological breakthrough that has opened up a brand new world of opportunity for the pirates: A ROPE WITH A HOOK ON THE END. What will Obama do, about our strategic ROPE WITH A HOOK ON THE END gap? Burnett also describes one poignant scene, with a seaman, thusly:

"I talked to one of the crew members from the Phillipines, who's been sailing for thirty-nine years, and I said, 'Do you have guns?' And he had had tears in his eyes, because the human angle and the fear had by the crew here is severe, but that's when he started laughing in my face."

Yes. This was clearly and emotional rollercoaster ride, for everyone involved.

Erin Burnett never thought she'd be on a boat, y'all! She brought back critical news, though:

--It's "hot" in Cairo.
--She "did not throw up."
--The oil tanker? Believe it or not, it stores "oil" in "tanks."
--Spending the night on board an oil tanker is "an incredible experience."

As Media Monitor Brian C. notes:

First, Egypt is clear on the other side of the Arabian Peninsula from where the pirates are actually operating. If she was being taken to a tanker off the coast of Egypt then she's either in the Red Sea or the Mediterranian. In either case, she's in the WRONG OCEAN to do a pirate story.



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