Erin Burnett Confronts Trump Campaign Aide To His Face: 'You Don't Have A Plan'

"If there was a plan, we would have seen it by now," the CNN anchor told Tim Murtaugh of the president's still-unfulfilled promise of an Obamacare replacement.

CNN’s Erin Burnett challenged Trump 2020 campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh to reveal the details of President Donald Trump’s much-hyped — but still unreleased — health care plan.

And when Murtaugh simply pivoted to hailing Trump’s accomplishments and attacking Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his health care policies, Burnett summed it up: “You don’t have a plan.”

The exchange on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Outfront” began when Burnett asked Murtaugh if the health plan Trump touted during his disastrous town hall with ABC News Tuesday was “real or just an empty campaign promise.”

“Of course it’s real,” replied Murtaugh. Instead of teasing any details, he then criticized Biden’s plan and the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, and said he wouldn’t “get ahead” of the White House about any announcement.

Burnett hit back:

“I understand you don’t like the (Biden) plan, Tim, but I’m merely pointing out that you don’t have a plan,” the anchor said. “The president has said for three years he’s going have to a plan. It’s going to be better. I understand the criticisms of Obamacare. We’ve all heard them. We’ve all dealt with it. You got rid of it and there’s been no plan put out to replace it and no specifics. Why is it taking so long? Why is it now going to come right before Election Day?”

Murtaugh repeated that he would defer to the White House on any announcement, then resumed attacking Biden’s policy proposals.

Burnett reminded Murtaugh that “at least Joe Biden has a plan out there. President Trump has promised one for three years. If there was a plan, we would have seen it by now. Pretty obvious, right?”

Murtaugh again attacked Biden’s plan. And Burnett wasn’t having it.

“I’m merely going to say I don’t think it’s fair to the conversation where you get to say his plan is bad when you don’t have your own to defend,” she said.

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