Erin Burnett Gives Passionate Speech About Importance Of Vaccines

Erin Burnett Gives Passionate Speech About Importance Of Vaccines

In an impassioned speech scolding parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, CNN's Erin Burnett revealed she is vaccinating her own son.

"Look, I've been very open about my view on vaccinations," Burnett said. "I am vaccinating my 1-year-old son."

The debate surrounding mandatory vaccinations erupted again after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that parents should have "some measure of choice" when it comes to vaccinating their children.

Burnett made her case in favor of vaccinating children against measles by relating the situation to the polio epidemic in the early 20th century, showing black-and-white images of children in wheelchairs before a vaccine was created for the disease.

"People who don't vaccinate probably don't imagine their child never walking again because of polio," Burnett said. "They can't imagine standing in line, like these Americans, waiting for that first polio vaccine in the hopes that their lives would be protected from a great evil.

"Hopefully, what more people will realize in this whole national conversation is that the only reason polio is quote-unquote gone is because of mass vaccinations," she continued. "We need to keep vaccinating. This is not about choice. This is about our moral responsibility to our children and to other people's children."

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