Ernest Hemingway Cuba: 'Today Show' Goes Inside The Author's Home (VIDEO)

WATCH: Inside Hemingway's Cuba Home

'The Today Show' brought Ernest Hemingway's granddaughter, Mariel, to Cuba to see her grandfather's home, now a popular tourist attraction.

Hemingway's father, Jack, was Ernest's son; as such, Mariel was able to take 'Today' host Natalie Morales for an inside look at the home, which was carefully restored (the home can now only be viewed by tourists from the outside, the Daily Mail reports).

The duo walked through the house for 'The Today Show', showing viewers his typewriter (which he wrote on standing up) as well as his bathroom, where he eccentrically wrote down his weight every day.

Then Natalie and Mariel set out around Cuba, to view the legendary writer's favorite spots.

Check out the tour below.

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