Ernest Vannier, Bar Patron, Accused Of Biting Off Bartender's Finger

Man Gets Kicked Out Of Bar For Having Sex -- Then Things Get Interesting

This bartender may start making patrons pinky-promise not to bite him after his harrowing ordeal.

The Times Union reports that a man was kicked out of a Glens Falls, N.Y., bar after he was caught having sex in a designated smoking room.

While he was being escorted out, police say Ernest Vannier bit the pinky finger of a male bartender, almost chomping the finger clean-off.

"He took the whole end of it off and broke the bone," Police Sgt. Keith Knoop told the Post Star.

Thankfully, doctors were able to re-attach the finger, Knoop told the paper.

This latest finger-biting-battle comes just weeks after the Washington Post reported on a St. Patrick's Day brawl that ended with one man's finger being gnawed off.

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