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Erotic Embroidery: Artist Alaina Varrone Creates Tantalizing Needleworks That Are Certainly NSFW (PHOTOS)


Artist Alaina Varrone turns the wholesome craft of embroidery into a tantalizing medium for erotica in her colorful NSFW needleworks. From blush-worthy nudity to eyebrow-raising sexual acts, the threaded imagery is certainly not your average chain-stitch design.

erotic emrboidery

Varrone is a classically trained visual artist who dabbled in needlecraft before entering college. But, as she stated in an email to The Huffington Post, she eventually turned her casual fascination with embroidery into a signature style of art-making, realizing during her freshman year of undergraduate study that her nude drawings took on a whole new life when depicted in thread.

"I'm greatly influenced by mythology, religion, medieval manuscripts, esoterica, subversive underground cultures; history's perverts and weirdos, really," Varrone explained. "I suppose the eroticism and humor in all my pieces stem from my own personality. I love creating characters and telling stories, and I try to capture all of this in a single narrative frame."

"This medium still amuses and challenges me, and I'm so pleased to see how embroidery's evolved since I first started those twelve years ago!" she added.

We can't get enough of Varrone's jaw-dropping embroidery, but be warned -- some of the scenes are a bit too graphic for the office. Scroll through the slideshow below and let us know what you think of the wickedly naughty art in the comments. For more of her designs, check out her website here.

Erotic Embroidery (NSFW)

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