Erykah Badu Made $3.60 Singing In Times Square

A-plus prankster Erykah Badu teamed up with OkayPlayer to release a video in which she tries to sing for money in Manhattan's Times Square. "In no way is this video a reflection of my feelings about homeless or unfortunate families nor individuals who have no other means of survival in our world," she said in the video, which was taken at 8:00 p.m. on Oct. 10. "Instead, this short film was shot w/ my iPhone and edited in iMovie for entertainment purposes only and serves as a personal 'hustle' experiment for me."

Badu introduces the clip, takes off her hat -- "so people know who I am" -- and performs anonymously on the street. She walks away with a grand total of $3.60. Damn, New Yorkers.

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