Erykah Badu To Lead Isis Brantley's Natural Hair Parade (VIDEO)

Here’s the chance to show off your lovely natural tresses to the nation (or, at least to Dallas).

Isis Brantley, also known as the "guru of natural hair care," is celebrating 31 years of natural hair prowess and, being a spokeswoman for black ancestral culture, is throwing the "Nation's First World Natural Hair Parade And Festival" in Dallas, Texas.

The parade will take place September 3, 2011, on a route running approximately one mile from the Wynnewood Shopping Center to Brantley's salon, Naturally Isis.

A healthy dose of star power will be provided by Grammy Award-winning neo-soul songstress and Brantley’s close friend, Erykah Badu. She is serving as the speaker, sponsor and parade leader. Badu is hoping for at least 400 participants.

Brantley recently posted a video on PartyAficionado's YouTube channel to build buzz around the event, which she calls a "labor of love."

"We are trying to empower our people so that we can become a part of the $38 million that we spend every month on natural hair care and hair care products," says Brantley.

Similar hair pride parades have started to sprout around the country. The Carol's Daughter store in Los Angeles held an event in June, which was hosted by Jasmine Powers of the Natural Hair Parade, a company dedicated to throwing events to serve the growing community of women who have embraced their natural hair.

WATCH Isis Brantley discussing the parade: