Es Campur, An Indonesian Dessert, Best Way To Finish Meal At Satay Sarinah In Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- One of the D.C. area's most refreshing desserts is hiding out in an unassuming strip mall off Van Dorn Street.

Satay Sarinah, which claims to be the D.C. area's only Indonesian restaurant, serves an array of dishes from the world's largest archipelago, including the traditional rijsttafel, a Dutch word used to describe a large sharable feast.

When The Huffington Post paid a visit this weekend, we finished our meal with an es campur dessert. And it might just be the most delightful thing you eat all summer.

Satay Sarinah describes its version's contents:

Rambutan, jack fruit, jelly grass, pineapple, young coconut, palm seeds topped with shaved ice coco pandan syrup and condensed milk.

We didn't quite know what we were going to get when we ordered. But our server smiled when we ordered it, so we got a feeling we weren't going to be disappointed. We were not.

It was a sweet, refreshing, multiple textured and bright dessert, sitting on shaved iced. When mixed, the different flavors and textures combine into a fantastic slush.

This should really be served from a food truck.