Escalator Rat Has Much To Teach Us About Holidays In The Big City

Sometimes you can't go with the flow.

A rat on an escalator in Manhattan has offered an important lesson in how to social-climb during the holiday season:

Sometimes when life wants to take you up, you must head down to actually get somewhere. We’re not sure if that even makes sense, but go with us on this one.

YouTube poster Sam Mazur told Gothamist he filmed the rat on Monday descending an escalator going up at a subway entrance to Penn Station.

We’re hoping there’s vermin-similitude to the clip, unlike other rat-based viral videos suspected of being hoaxes. A mysterious performance artist who goes by “Zardulu” has claimed to be responsible for a number of animal-centric viral stunts, including Pizza Rat, “selfie rat,” a three-eyed catfish and, most recently, footage of a raccoon riding an alligator.

However, Mazur is standing by his escalator footage, and has specifically claimed it was not the work of Zardulu. In addtion, an NBC staffer said he observed the rat as well. We reached out to Mazur to get our own confirmation of his tail but didn’t immediately hear back.

In the meantime, it’s Christmas, so we believe until proven otherwise.

The rat race just got a lot more interesting.



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