Escape from Emotional Terrorism: The Bush Years

Bush and his minions were pros at whipping up emotional terrorism for the last eight years. They understood the American and global psyche. They knew how to craft words that would stir controversy, acrimony and discontent. Masters of distraction, they kept the world off center for eight years creating a reign of emotional terrorism: war, nuclear weapons, economic collapse.

When people are constantly on edge, they are distracted. Actions are driven by emotion; not reason or thought. It is a type of psychological warfare which has been extraordinarily successful as they wrecked havoc over the last nine months from Afghanistan to Iraq to a housing meltdown, the mortgage crisis and the collapse of Wall Street.

Aha, their last gift as they head for their bunkers is the controversy in Gaza between the Israelis and Palestinians. Let's face it. They couldn't invade Iran in September though they were drooling over themselves to do it. The economic stability of the world as we know it was eroding under their feet. Slipping and sliding, they were worried about the money, and you never put it at risk. So, they waited and delivered a few good punches on the way out the door.

Get that Governor Richardson guy, he's onto us. Estrange him from the President Elect -- wrong he walked away with dignity and class. Whoops, we can't touch Hillary now. She's been bullet proofed after her trials by fire. And go figure her nasty husband former President Clinton opened his books and complied with the Obama Administration's dictum. There were few opportunities for this group to strike. Biden's a family man. Napolitano is as straight and all business as they come. Oops, maybe we can get the nominee for the Treasury. Drat that wouldn't work and they knew it. He's just too boringly clean. Iraq and Afghanistan were already in play. Someone else got to India and Mumbai. Aha! There is always the Middle East just ripe for the picking. Stir up the soup, blame the Israelis, and ignite Hamas; and the world cracks open just enough to disrupt and distract. Riots emerge, anti-Semitism bubbles up, and confusion reigns.

Emotions again run close to the surface. And another successful skirmish in psychological warfare is accomplished. It's a job well done. And if merciful, it is the last Easter egg from Bush as emotional terrorism continues to wash over the world. Lives have been lost, families destroyed, and unrest prevails. Purposefully, Obama has just one more thing on his plate to deal with instead of attending to the homeland, the Recession and ushering in the global New Economy.

Surprise or divine intervention, they didn't count on the "miracle" in New York City this week. They didn't count on the resiliency of everyday people as a jet came down and stayed afloat while ferries were commandeered and tugboats sent to rescue all the passengers from the icy water of the Hudson River. This was a world stage. New Yorkers worked their butts off. People were resilient. A miracle had occurred and there was reason to believe again in hope.

Obama with his eyes wide open is walking through a mind field as he enters his Presidency. He knows that he must be extra vigilant. He remembers the Clinton years as the traps were set every day for the President, his wife and his team to create emotional upheaval and distractions. Perhaps that's why Speaker Pelosi wants to open the investigations of Bush and his cronies. Maybe we have finally learned the lessons from the Masters of distraction and emotional terrorism. Only time will tell.