Escape the Room : Open the Door to Wonder

For the past year or so, all the rage in big cities is around so-called Escape Rooms, a craze that has hit and is sure to be growing in New York City. I took in a recent entry to "The Agency," one of three games that Escape the Room NYC offers to patrons.

For starters, it was nothing like I'd imagined; it delivered so much more punch. Truly a family-friendly experience -- my group included people ages 7 to 60 -- there's no math or logic necessary, and more surveying, crawling, and reaching than I've grown accustomed to when performing similar activities. Before the hour-long clock ran out, we had to find a series of clues hidden or tucked away where you wouldn't believe or think to search. If you get caught up on one clue, like we did several times, there's a series of helpful hints available to keep your team moving right along.

Clues are abound. They can appear anywhere, any time. The ultimate goal is to discover the key that can free you and your team from the room, but every step of the way there's a large amount of stuff to look at and think about. Every time you solve one of the dozens of clues, you feel great. However, that brief sense of supremacy is fleeting, as the next problem to be solved starts right away. Check your anxiety and ego at the door.

At the affordable rate of $28 per person, this trend is here to stay. You'll walk away with lots of memories to discuss with your team afterward, to break down everything you broke apart. It's not about winning or losing, but how you play the game.