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Escape to Poland: My Latte in Life, Ep. 11

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Dzień dobry!

If I am doomed to a life of foamy latte flowing through my veins, sign me up. I'm not sure if one can overdose on it, but I'm quite sure I'm pushing the daily limit. It's no use fighting it. And I know exactly who to blame. It's those damn adorable cafes.

'Damn' with love, of course. Cute. Quaint. Cozy. With character. I am constantly nostalgic for them even when I'm sitting in them. The beautifully visible ones on the main squares and streets are all fine. No doubt I could happily hide in one all day and continue to feed the addiction. But it's the magnetic pull of the small, unassuming, around-the-corner cafes that is so strong. These are my favorite.

There is something about hunkering down in a secret nook. A window seat. A corner. An oversized chair. A moody ambiance. A warm-hued lamp. A perfect playlist. A soothing, white noise of foreign language sound, timbre, and nuance. An allowance to disconnect. A feeling of aloneness and comfort all at once. Feeling invisible yet exceptionally observant. With hands wrapped around a steaming hot cup of delicious reassurance. Saying life is good.

Join me, will you? Which one speaks to you?

Na zdrowie! (Cheers!)
Karmnik, Warsaw


Krzywe Koło, Warsaw

Translation: The first business on Stolarska on the left side, going from the small market square . I still haven't figured out if this cafe has a name.

Cafe Camelot, Krakow

Massolit Books & Cafe, Krakow. One of my absolute faves.

Massolit Books & Cafe, Krakow

A happy nook with a happy me at Massolit

Nowa Prowincja (New Province), Krakow

So Coffee!, Wroclaw. A lost-in-translation cafe name that made me chuckle.

Cozy Siesta Cafe. My other Krakow fave!

From my go-to cushioned corner at Siesta Cafe, Krakow

Couldn't resist this pretty pic in Sopot...

...Neither could this little guy.

Cafe in Gdansk. Loved the color. The picturesque seawall is right through the arch.

Goldwasser Coffee Shop. Charming inside and out in Gdansk.

Lookier. My fave in Gdansk.

I sat in this corner window almost everyday...and never tired of the 80's music.

Sweet Lookier