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Escape to Poland: The Best-Laid Plans: Remix, Ep. 3

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The band Genesis and I have something in common. One of their greatest hits was the song Misunderstanding and I take my greatest hits to the psyche at the Krakow main station where that song plays on a continual loop inside my head. It epitomizes my relationship with transport as of late. From complete confusion on where to find my train to being stood up by a tour operator, this was a roll-with-the-punches week for the books. So when life gave me lemons, I turned them into a pumpkin spice latte and hunkered down around the hood.
2016-03-05-1457195404-9189815-IMG_0128.jpgSunset on Krakow's Old Town
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My tortured translation of Misunderstanding's lyrics:

There must be some misunderstanding (Yes, which one do you want to talk about? Standing in the bus ticket line for a train ticket? Suspiciously waiting at the tram tracks downstairs when I should have been at the train tracks upstairs? Accidentally relying on the bus departure/arrival board when I should have been following the train departure/arrival board?)

There must be some kind of mistake (Like when I had a castles tour confirmed and they never picked me up?)

I waited in the rain for hours (Does 36 degrees and windy count?)
And you were late (Tons of railway construction is not helping this cause...)

Now it's not like me to say the right thing (Lord knows I can't speak Polish)
But you could've called to let me know (Yes, Viator tours. It's why you ask for our mobile number.)
I checked your number twice, don't understand it (Oh, I understood it. I was on hold in Vegas.)
So I went home (Well, to Old Town anyway.)

Well I'd been waiting for this weekend (I was actually trying to avoid those crowds...)
I thought that maybe we could see a show (Or at least something outside of Krakow.)
Never dreamed I'd have this feeling (Of being totally inept!)
Oh but seeing you is believing (I still love you, trains!)
That's why I don't know why
You didn't show up that night

There must be some misunderstanding
There must be some kind of mistake
I was waiting in the rain for hours
And you were late

Since then I've been running around trying to find you (True story. I went up and back down the same floors of the station four times, and was finally glared at by security. )
I went to the places that we always go (Well, where I thought I was supposed to go but we know how that has turned out...)
I rang your house but got no answer
Jumped in my car, I went round there (A rental car is sounding good right about now.)
Still don't believe it
He was just leaving

There must be some misunderstanding
There must be some kind of mistake...

I do love that song. And thankfully it hasn't been ruined for me. Mostly because it's hard to stay in that disappointed, frustrated space (even when I feel I've "lost" a day) when I can stroll around Krakow with a hot drink and allow the newness around every corner to be its own little adventure. So enjoy some day-in-the-life images of said "lost" days. Learning how to remix the hits I take on these solo trips... definitely the genesis of what keeps me going back out for more.

Do widzenia!
2016-03-05-1457192873-1666700-castle1.jpgKrakow's Wawel Castle

2016-03-05-1457193013-9857899-climbers2.jpgRock climbers with a city backdrop

2016-03-05-1457193110-1119778-cliffs3.jpgLimestone cliffs of local Zakrzowek Lake

2016-03-05-1457193181-5428256-paintings4.jpgLocal art on the old city walls

2016-03-05-1457193272-5375878-church5.jpgA view of St. Mary's Basilica on the square

2016-03-05-1457193348-9288251-pretzels6.jpgObwarzanki vendors everywhere

2016-03-05-1457193429-8506265-basilica7.jpgThe stunning altar of St. Mary's Basilica

2016-03-05-1457193486-3169887-basilica8.jpgView from the Basilica tower

2016-03-05-1457193538-3196238-swans9.jpgSwans taking center stage in front of Wawel

2016-03-05-1457193587-4155751-steeples10.jpgSteeples over the ages at Wawel Castle Cathedral

2016-03-05-1457193658-3910615-pierogi11.jpgPierogi! These had minced meat, potatoes, and cheese filling. Delicious!

2016-03-05-1457193711-6831996-vodka12.jpgThis should warm me up in possible snow next week!

2016-03-05-1457193768-2216240-cookies13.jpgTraditional Polish treats

2016-03-05-1457193817-2872617-pork14.jpgPork knuckle on the BBQ. A local delicacy that tastes better than it sounds!

2016-03-05-1457193866-5603086-accordian15.jpgThis man is sooo good. I've given him more of my money...

2016-03-05-1457193916-191385-mewithcoffee16.jpgStrolling with a hot beverage. My hands and heart are warm!

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