This Cozy Portable Cabin Is The Perfect Winter Hideout

Who needs Tahiti?

Forget about islands, beaches and any sort of tropical landscape for a moment: THIS is where you want to spend your winter.

It's called the Vista, and it's a 160-square-foot portable cabin that stands on its own pretty much anywhere. With cozy cedar walls, insulated floors and a glowing, spacious interior, you can hide out here all. season. long.


The Vista's interior is enough space for one to two people: There's a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with shower and toilet. You can also choose to add a washing machine or a pop-up flatscreen TV, if you're into tricked-out getaways.


Pull-out storage under the bed makes this a prime example of efficient tiny home living. And a tiny dining table offers breakfast with a front-row seat of the winter landscape.

Oh, and did we mention the view yet? Three walls of windows surrounding the bed mean you can wake up in a winter wonderland... without the whole "being freezing cold" part. Glorious!


The Escape Vista starts at $39,900, which isn't too bad considering a permanent vacation home will usually set you back tens of thousands more.

This tiny house will withstand blizzard temperatures and can travel anywhere a pick-up truck or SUV with a hitch can take it, a spokesperson told HuffPost.

After winter's over, we imagine taking it to beaches, a desert or even our own backyard. Cheers to adventure -- and to adventuring in tiny, blissful homes.


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