Escaped Pig Crashes New Hampshire Primary

A 600-pound hog tried to enter a polling station in Pelham

Forget the pig in a poke... here's a pig at the polls. 

A 600-pound hog escaped from a farm in Pelham, New Hampshire on Tuesday, and since it was primary day, he headed straight to the nearest polling station, a local high school.  

"There was a hub-bub outside, and when I looked, there was this huge pig walking around in the parking lot," construction worker Matthew Reiter told the Boston Globe. "It caused a bit of a stir."

Police were called to the scene, but the pig wouldn't go quietly. He started poking at the police officers, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

"He was nudging with an open mouth, but there was no broken skin and no ripped clothing," Milford Police Capt. Stephen Toom told the newspaper.

The pig belonged to a farm in Massachusetts, but was being boarded at Bogush Farm in Pelham when it escaped.

"He wanted to beat me to the polls," farmer Edward Bogush, who was caring for the pig and went to the polling station to retrieve it, told the New York Daily News.

Bogush said he was voting for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (D) in the primary. There was no word on who the pig voted for, but it probably wasn't Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R).


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