Eslimi Hanger Brings A New Twist To An Old Design (VIDEO)

While the world has been working on bringing hologram guides to airports and creating car-boat hybrids, another simple, oft-used tool has been crying out for a redesign.

Mehdi Mojtabavi, an industrial designer working for Portland-based design firm Ziba has reinvented the hanger. The streamlined design allows conscious clothing owners to hang their more delicate items without fear of the collars becoming stretched.

Mojtabavi's Eslimi Hanger is made of two separate polypropylene pieces, making the device collapsable and allowing the user to easily remove items from the arms without stretching the garment's fabric. According to Co.Design, the concept won Mojtabavi's firm an IDSA award last year.

While the Eslimi Hanger is a simple yet effective take on the classic clothing hanger, it's certainly not the first redesign to crop up in recent months. Back in December, CNET highlighted the collapsible "SOLO" hanger created by Quirky, a New York-based industrial design company that uses crowd-sourcing to bring inventions to life.

And, more recently, European clothing retailer C&A reinvented hangers in a completely different way; their "Fashion Like" hangers display how many "likes" a clothing item has received on Facebook.

Watch the video above to learn more about how Mehdi Mojtabavi's Eslimi Hanger works, and then tell us: What do you think of this new hanger design? Share your thoughts in the comments!

[Hat Tip: Co.Design]