ESPN Lost Signal As Bill Simmons Mentions 'The Decision' After Heat Win Title, Conspicuously (VIDEO)

Bill Simmons wanted to say something about "The Decision." But we may never know what it was thanks to a very conspicuous bit of technical difficulty for ESPN.

In the aftermath of the Miami Heat's Game 7 win over the San Antonio Spurs in the 2013 NBA Finals, LeBron James was appropriately the topic of conversation among ESPN's "NBA Countdown" crew.

"I wanted to say about 'The Decision,'" Simmons began.

This prefatory comment was presumably set to be followed by some remarks about the infamous ESPN-broadcast spectacle in which James revealed his intentions to "take his talents to South Beach" in July 2010.

Before Simmons could continue to make whatever point he was intending to make, the ESPN broadcast went dark and quiet. Moments later, the set of "SportsCenter" filled television screens. With NBA analyst Kurt Rambis sitting across from him on the set, ESPN anchor Jay Harris offered an explanation.

"Well, we seem to have lost the signal from Miami," Harris explained. "We're going to try and get that back."


They did. But Simmons never got back around to discussing "The Decision."

Earlier in the series, Simmons vented his frustration with ESPN after some of his commentary was edited from a re-airing of a post-game segment. In this case, it is possible that ESPN cut him off before he got something out the first time. Of course, the lost signal could simply be an ordinary issue at unusually conspicuous moment.

Was the abrupt cut simply an accident? Or was it ... a decision?



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