Lice Invade ESPN Makeup And Hair Studios, Deadspin Reports

Gross. Gross! GROSS.

Noticed your favorite ESPN hosts looking a little itchy recently?

We may know why. Deadspin published a skin-crawling internal ESPN memo warning employees that the sports channel's makeup artists and hair stylists had been exposed to head lice at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

Here's an excerpt from the memo:

As a proactive measure, I am writing to make all of you aware that over the past week, several Talent and Make-up Artists have reported being exposed to lice. We have taken several actions since we learned of the situation Tuesday:

  • Members of our make-up team immediately thoroughly sanitized and disinfected the preparation room, prior to servicing any clients on Tuesday;
  • Our make-up team is using a sanitization protocol on all instruments, and are using new care products to ensure that no spread can occur;
  • We appreciate your patience as we temporarily close the make-up room in Building 4 starting tomorrow morning (Talent will be prepped in the DC-1 and DC-2 make-up rooms);
  • Any impacted individuals on the make-up team have checked and treated themselves, and the entire team will remain vigilant to ensure that neither they nor our Talent are exposed to lice; and
  • Any Talent who had their hair styled in the exposed area or was exposed to someone known to have lice has been individually informed.

If in the coming days, you have any concerns or experience any symptoms of lice, please see your doctor or reach out to me immediately, so that we can conduct a check for you and discuss any necessary treatment.

"There were a few isolated cases, and we’ve taken extra precautionary and preventative measures to address that," ESPN told The Huffington Post. "We proactively reached out to employees to make them aware, alleviate any concerns and inform them of the several action steps we’ve taken to remedy the situation since learning of this on Tuesday."

It sounds like ESPN is on top of its infestation, but if they require further help tackling their unwanted guests, may we suggest our helpful guide to getting rid of lice?

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