Set Collapses On ESPN Journalist In Shocking On-Air Accident

The wall crushed Carlos Orduz face-first into his desk.

An ESPN soccer analyst in Colombia had to shoulder more than just his usual on-air responsibilities this week.

Frightening video showed a wall suddenly collapsing on Carlos Orduz during a Tuesday broadcast of “ESPN FC Radio,” slamming his face against the desk.

The video below shows the accident, after which shocked anchor Francisco Javier Vélez cuts to a commercial break.

Miraculously, Orduz tweeted in Spanish Wednesday that he was fine, except for bruising and a blow to the nose. He also posted a video in which he reassured viewers he was OK.

Orduz is not alone in confronting the unexpected hazards of live news. In April, NBC News’ Kristen Welker dodged falling light stands that could have easily injured her while she reported outside the White House.

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