Espresso Chart Breaks Down Ingredient Ratios For 23 Drinks (PHOTO)

PHOTO: 23 Espresso Drinks, Broken Down

Do the options at your local coffee shop have you confused? Never fear! Pop Chart Lab and Orbit Visual Graphic Design have whipped up a lovely little chart breaking down the ingredient ratios of 23 types of espresso-based drinks. You'll never be confused about what you're drinking again.

We'll venture a guess that you haven't heard of a few of these drinks. Sure, mocha and macchiato are old hat -- but what about café con hielo, café bombon or galão? Just consult the chart.

An 18" by 24" numbered print of the chart, titled "Exceptional Expressions of Espresso," goes for $22 on Pop Chart Lab's web site. Each print is signed by the artist and numbered from a first printing of 500. You can also purchase a frame through the site for an additional price.

If you're a fan of this chart, be sure to check out another one from Pop Chart Lab: "How To Make Every Kind Of Coffee."

Take a look at the espresso chart below, or click here for a larger version.

espresso chart

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