Esquire Tackles Mindfulness, Meditation In September 2013 Issue

There's something different in the latest issue of Esquire: a how-to guide for meditation.

Meditation, of course, is central to The Huffington Post's Third Metric initiative, and it's something that Esquire has embraced as well. The men's lifestyle magazine is more known for covering fashion, culture and entertainment and running features like "Sexiest Woman Alive" than for tips for de-stressing. But that's exactly what's in the September issue.

"A Useful Guide to Chilling the F**k Out" features a Harvard Medical School professor making the case for why we should meditate everyday, contributor Scott Raab recounting his attempts at meditation and Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe advising readers for how to do it at home. The health benefits of meditating are spelled out loud and clear, too.

All of this takes the novices and skeptics out there into account. "I'm not telling you that anything like magic is happening," Raab writes. "Work still feels like work, the Plato's cave of marital concord remains fitfully lit, and I'm apparently going to stay my own worst enemy. I'm okay with all of that. And more relaxed. A bit. I think."

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