The One Essential Phone Accessory You're Missing

You won't know how your phone lived without it for so long.

You’ve probably seen this accessory before, but wondered, “What is that and why does it look like a fancy fidget spinner attached to a phone?” While you can just play with this unique phone find when you’re bored, this beloved tech toy does so much more than you might think.

Pop-Sockets is an expanding phone stand that’s used for gripping, propping, cord management, and making your phone look just plain trendy.

Get a better grip when taking your next selfie, prop up your phone to catch up on the latest “Game Of Thrones” episode, or use it as a cord wrap.

Enthusiastic reviewers call it “More handy than you might think!” and “Functional and stylish.” Trust us ― you’ll love it when you use it

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However you use your Pop-Socket, you can’t deny that this all-in-one tech gadget is a steal for under $10. Ditch your disparate phone accessories and instead pop it and lock it (so you don’t drop it). 

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