The 18 Items To Keep At Your Desk If You Want To Nail Your Day At The Office

The 18 Items Every Office Worker Needs At Their Desk


Whether you're working in an office or from home, you spend a lot of time at your desk -- sometimes as many hours as you spend sleeping. So why wouldn't you make this space as best equipped as possible?

Below we've listed the office necessities that everyone should have on hand, whether you need to brave a surprise thunderstorm or simply survive allergy season.

1. Tissues
Nothing is grosser than someone sneezing in the office without a Kleenex -- so be a considerate coworker.


2. Headphones
For the moments you need to block out the rest of the office to get in the zone, or to watch that epic viral video you must. see. now.


3. A healthy snack that doesn't spoil easily
Oatmeal, apples with peanut butter and almonds are great options, and can be kept in your desk drawer for more than a few days.


4. Hot sauce
Because sometimes boring office lunches need a little kick.

hot sauce

5. Gum or mints
Important for conversations with coworkers and last-minute meetings.


6. A large and comfy scarf
You may be dressing for the summer weather, but the office air conditioning didn't get the memo that your arms and legs are exposed. You can wrap the scarf normally or use it as a blanket.


7. Tide To Go stain pen
For when your salad gets everywhere but in your mouth.

tide to go

8. Band-Aids
Whether it's for a paper cut or a blister from those new shoes you're breaking in, having a Band-Aid on file is a necessity.

band aid

9. Clear nail polish
You can seal an envelope, keep tights from running any further or save a loose button with a quick coat of clear nail polish.

nail polish

10. Rubber bands
Those of us with long hair know that bad hair days are inevitable -- these guys can be your saving grace.

hair band

11. Refillable water bottle
Keep your office green with a reusable bottle to quench your thirst.

water bottle

12. Lint roller
No one wants lint, stray hairs or other types of fuzz all over their dark clothes.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

13. Deodorant
Especially handy in the summer months or before a stress-inducing presentation.


14. A pair of comfortable shoes
No one should have to commute in shoes that pinch their feet.


15. A spare phone charger
Never let your phone dip below 50 percent. An extra phone charger is like the holy grail of any office.


16. Hand sanitizer.
Your keyboard can be even dirtier than a toilet -- carrying up to five times more bacteria. Hand sanitizer is a must before touching your face or eyes.

hand sanitizer

17. Dental floss
Because some coworkers won't tell you when you have food in your teeth, so you have to take your dental hygiene into your own hands.


18. A compact umbrella
For those thunderstorms that definitely weren't on the weather app earlier that morning.


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