Watch Mom And Daughter Reconnect After 7 Years Of Estrangement (VIDEO)

“I stopped talking to my mom seven years ago, and it was the best decision I ever made,” says Jennifer. “The reason I cut my mom off was because when my son was 8 days old, she called me and was upset that I had not informed her that my sister was coming to town to meet my son. I was annoyed by her anger toward me, and she hung up on me. The next day, she wrote me an email asking me if I was mad at her for something. I wrote her what I call the 30 –years-of-anger letter. It outlined everything that I had been upset about from my childhood up until that point.”

Jennifer says her mother never responded to the letter and she has not talked to her since then. “My mother is not a mother to me; she’s just a person. I don’t love my mom. If I never talked to my mom again, I would be OK with that,” she says.

Watch the video above as Jennifer confronts her mother after seven years of estrangement, and tune in to Dr. Phil Thursday to see if Jennifer can finally forgive her mother for what she describes as childhood filled with abuse, drama and lies.

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