Mom Says She Doesn't Know Why Her Daughter Hasn't Spoken To Her In 7 Years (VIDEO)

"My daughter Jennifer has refused to talk to me for seven years. She said I hung up on her and that’s why she hasn’t talked to me,” says Peggy. “I think I’ve reached out to her. I feel like I might have left some messages on her phone that weren’t returned, but I can’t say that for sure.”

Peggy says she feels her daughter is being selfish and childish and owes her an apology for shutting her out. “It’s not my place to go to Jennifer. She should come apologize to me,” she says. "I don't think I deserve this kind of treatment."

Dr. Phil tries to make sense of the situation. “As a parent, I can’t imagine not speaking to either of my children for seven years, and I certainly can’t imagine not speaking to one of them for seven years and having no clue as to why,” he says to Peggy in the video above. “How can you not know what the problem is?”

Peggy claims the only reason she can think of is that Jennifer said Peggy hung up on her. “I think she just wanted to be angry, and that was the excuse she had,” she says.

“You’re the parent here. Parents never quit parenting,” Dr. Phil tells her.

On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Peggy faces her daughter for the first time in seven years, and emotions run high as the two attempt to heal the wounds of the past and move forward. Watch more from this show here.

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